Tuesday, 12 January 2016

You're a high achiever. You know you can do well, strive, achieve. If you do, it's a time for celebration. If you don't it's a moment to reflect, dust yourself off and learn what could be improved next time and do even better next time.
So what happens when 'life happens' and you are thrown off kilter? Sure, you take responsibility, of course you do, but it's exhausting, right? The vision board is following you around the room, the goals and targets,the 90 day plans, the 30 day challenges and the daily did's are waiting patiently to be ticked off (because you won't delegate them or eliminate them).
Soon, you can't even bear to look at the lists because you feel so far behind, dealing with new things which have entered your world, vying for your time and energy, what's the point?
Any of this resonating?
I know for me, especially when my parents became seriously ill, the commitments I had made for myself and for business, the programmes I had purchased, the products I was creating, all seemed an even bigger effort to give attention to, as there were too many distractions, the environment wasn't right and my time management and scheduling sucked! I felt I wasn't getting anywhere or making any progress, a real nemisis for a high achiever.
That is, until, I changed my perspective. Anytime you are stuck, you have to move, preferably with ease and not struggle. But move, nevertheless. As a high achiever, success driven, we may want a big result, the best out there, in the fastest time. That will give us a sense of being back on top, and getting us out of this unfamiliar and highly disturbing stagnant state. If it can be done faster, we're in.
The shift is twofold.
1- Self Care.
Find something you can do for you. Just you. Not for clients, business, family, kids or for personal development, but pure pleasure just for you. What is something you wanted to do? Tango dancing? Learn to swim? Enjoy a weekly mint tea at a high end hotel? A blow dry on a regular basis? Horse riding lessons?
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The shift in environment, the energetic messages you pick up and emit, all directs you to behave in a certain way, and believe certain things about yourself. Choose something for yourself around your self care, consciously. Be aware of the feelings it gives you before you go, while you are there and after an hour or two well spent doing the thing. Lock it in. It's real, you can recreate it everytime.
2 - Baby Steps
Baby steps aren't to be underestimated. We marvel at a baby when she wobbles around, learning balance for the first time then squeals with delight as she totters towards us. What just happened? Well, lots of things, but the main thing I want to illustrate here, is movement. She moved from there to here. She has learned to move, purposefully, and is rewarded with cuddles for the advances in her developemnt.
Likewise, baby steps when we are moving out of stagnation is huge. If you can recognise a step as a step, it is a step away from the old and into the new. Keep facing the direction you want to go. All those baby steps count, they all add up. Sure, we often hear about taking massive action and jumping in... that works when you have momentum and drive behind you. It's a different energy, requiring a different action. It isn't the answer when you're stuck. It's a matter of perspective. So look at where you are taking baby steps. Acknowledge it. Smiles and hugs all round!
Baby steps and self care may not be seen as high flying, dynamic and on a roll, that's because at this stage, that's not the outcome you want. Do the action you want for the result you want, from a place of where you are. Anything else will be out of alignment and cause a retreat, or a diminishing of self, or comparisonistus.
By movement, you may have thought physical exercise. Often when you are down or stuck, it's the last thing you want to do. This is where the self care comes in. Choose some activity which lights you up and requires physical energy shifts to do it. It won't be long before the new neuro connections for pleasure are wired and firing and linking activity to joy, so the transition to pure physical exercise will become more effortless and more desirable.
As always, I'd  love to know what you loved about the post, so over to you and leave me a comment below. What act of self care are you going to commit to? Notice the baby steps you are taking already.Share this post with your tribe, you never know who it may benefit.
Until next time,
To your goodness and your gorgeousness,
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